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We create value for your business and your customers

From White-label application, powerful backend, context-aware AI and all-in-one dashboard to crawling and bot automation.

Digitize your processes and delight your customers

3back offers a modular software platform, opening new interaction channels, accessing new data and generating new insight for your business. And for your customers 3back provides a great experience along the way with interactions that are simple, convenient and fun.

Collect data that has the power to drive change

3back provides a white-label App for a simple, fast and easy-to-use feedback experience. We offer a stand-alone webapp solution and native Android or IOS SDKs. Let your customers choose their preferred medium: video, voice, text, photo.

Easily access all data in one place

The 3back platform comes with an easy to use dashboard to manage and leverage received data. Users simply subscribe to their products, categories, channels to see what’s relevant for them and start taking action.

Structured display of unstructured feedback

Message channel to your customers

Quantitative and qualitative feedback data

Customer sentiment

Leverage AI to drive efficiency and empathy

Our context-aware AI tracks sentiment, transcribes speech into text, categorises unstructered data and filters profane language and gibberish. Our conversational chatbot interface can be easily customized to a variety of use cases, whether you need a full-blown customer portal, or just want to serve FAQs we have the right solution for you.

Scale with our powerful and secure backend

Our backend is designed to grow and scale with your needs. Servers are located in Germany for maximum data security. Our flexible infrastructure works for companies of any size—from startup to enterprise.

Automate with our proprietary crawling and bot framework

Based on our proprietary crawling & bot framework, we built custom real-time APIs that seamlessy fetch & deliver data. Where the emulation of human activity is required, to move data from one system, database or table to another, we build transactional bots that go hand in hand with our custom APIs. Whatever automated tasks you need to run, we build the software application that does the job.