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We start with the customer and work backwards

We help you digitize your customer on-boarding, support and feedback processes and provide the tools for a great customer experience.

Become a digital native

3back helps you transition your business into the digital age by accelerating the digitization of your business processes. We go beyond simply automating what is there. We re-think each step and if necessary fundamentally reconfigure the entire process. To bring your newly designed digital processes to life, we use the latest technologies in crawling, bot automation, machine learning and AI.

3back Digitization Offering

We provide clients with a full service around digitzation of their customer onboarding and support processes.

Consulting Service

  • Process analysis (current state)
  • Process design (future state)
  • Process implementation

Customer portals

  • Website Widget
  • Mobile App (White Label) or SDK
  • Backend Platform
  • AI Engine
  • Dashboard


  • Web Crawling
  • Screen scraping
  • API development


  • Conversational bots
  • Transactional bots


Remove friction, better serve customers and scale your business without headache.

Learn faster with feedback hyperloops

The 3back platform enables businesses to offer smooth end-to-end feedback experiences, to shorten the feedback loop and to provide a new kind of feedback data to the organisation. Whether you are targeting prospects to learn about reasons in the buying decision or your customers to learn about the factors driving retention and loyalty, 3back enables you to get that data simple, fast and reliably.

3back Feedback Offering

We provide clients with a full service and platform solution to experience the next level of customer feedback management.

The 3back Platform

  • Mobile App (White Label) or SDK
  • Backend Platform
  • AI Engine
  • Dashboard

Customer Care Services

  • Feedback Management & Handling
  • Customer Care Center
  • System Integration / API Development

Consulting Services

  • Initial check-ups
  • Conception & Planning

Project Management

  • Implementation
  • Roll-out
  • Project controlling


Better understand prospects & customers and generate relevant product usage and brand acceptance data.

  • Better customer feedback experience

    Higher retention and satisfaction

  • Always-on customer dialogue

    Constant exchange

  • More control over relationship

    Own the conversation

  • Rich unstructured data

    Collect more and relevant data

  • Faster feedback loops

    Reduce time to action