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We help companies digitize and optimize their processes along the customer life cycle to enable experiences that drive profitability and support growth.

Improve your business on the 3 dimensions of success

The 3back platform allows clients to apply the right technology to drive customer lifetime value along the entire customer life cycle, from sales driven prospect management to retention driven feedback management.

the 3 dimensions of success

Enter into a dialogue with prospects and customers

Enter into a dialogue with your customers

The 3back platform enables businesses to provide smooth, digital end-to-end feedback experiences to prospects and customers and provides access to a new kind of data channeled directly to the key people in the organization.

The 3back platform enables companies to offer smooth end-to-end feedback experiences and provides a new kind of feedback data directly to the relevant people in your organisation.

Be available, offer an always-on channel

Simple, fast, user-friendly

3back enables businesses to provide smooth customer experiences - for onboarding, processing, interaction and feedback - on mobile, desktop or voice assistant. With our communication tools the customer experience plays out remotely without adding friction.

Easy to implement and scale

3back platform is working side by side with your existing systems but can be integrated via APIs where necessary. Our platform is designed to grow and scale and works for businesses of any size.

Digital and automated

3back helps businesses digitize, optimize and automate their internal & external processes and customer interactions. Free your employees from wrangling across systems and process siloes for information. We automate these repetitive, time-consuming yet essential tasks with our bots.

Easy & efficient customer interactions

Service your customers in a way that’s convenient for you and your customers. Remove friction on both sides by offering a digital & automated channel that your customers can access 365x24/7.

Easy and efficient customer interactions