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Customer service that's
servicing your customers

Customers value
great service

Today's customers are digital-first, prefer human-less engagement and expect personalized interactions across channels. Increasingly unfamiliar with waiting in line, they demand instant resolutions and expect to talk to a real person when needed.

Meet your customers
where they are

Deliver an always-on, responsive and on-demand customer experience. With 3back‘s context-aware voicebot your customers no longer have to wait to get what they want. There is always someone picking up.

Provide answers quickly

Understand what your customers mean and not just what they say. 3back conversational AI identifies your callers intent, analyses sentiment and decides how to proceed to best solve your customers' request.

Keep the human touch

Be there when your customers request human interaction. 3back AI identifies the best representative available to address your customer’s needs and provides the necessary background information to find a resolution quickly and easily.

Improve your
service efficiency

Reduce costs whilst maintaining quality. Boost satisfaction whilst reducing call volume. Equip your customer team with the context to deliver unforgettable service.