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Re-defining the way
customers give feedback

A customer-centric

Customers gravitate towards an open ear. Customers are mobile first. Communication is on their terms. Customers want to be heard. Customers want companies to respond to feedback in real-time and act on it.

Easy-to-use, fast and

Provide your customers with an easy-to-use, fast and user-friendly channel to give feedback. Make sure it is always-on so you are never missing out on what your customers have to say, regardless of time and location.

Any medium -
Any time

Promote an experience that empowers your customers to capture all the relevant details. Any medium, any time - Voice, text, video, photo!

Natural process -
Natural experience

3back chatbot understands what your customers have to say, guides them naturally through the process and collects additional information relevant to their feedback.

Gain valuable insights

3back AI filters, structures, categorizes all feedback in one easy-to-use dashboard, accessible to all relevant people in your organization.

Turn customers into fans

Value your customers opinions by reacting to what they have to say. A great product is a problem heard and solved, a great experience includes customer feedback heard and integrated.