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We are 3back

While customers want to be heard and valued by the companies they engage with, companies want to deliver great service and grow with high profitability. Contradiction? Not when you believe in ‚digitization‘ and ‚customer first‘.

Our next generation customer feedback management platform is build on the core idea of providing a better experience, one that is simple and enjoyable for customers and rich in data for businesses.

We’re on a mission…

…to help our clients digitize & optimize their processes along the customer life cycle. We aim to provide the right mix of technology platform and solution thinking to enable our clients to offer experiences that delight customers and positively impact the bottom line.

We value

Processes that are digital and efficient

Solutions designed for customers first

Simple and convenient experiences

Relationships driven by appreciation and empathy

Diverse teams from diverse backgrounds

Our team

We are an international team of likeminded professionals, from computer science and physics to business and UX-design, who believe that truly great companies should deliver truly great experiences.

We believe in ‚customer-first‘

Everything we do, we believe in putting the people that buy a company’s products or services first.

We believe that focusing on customers and their experiences is one of the main differentiators for companies in todays competitive landscape.

We believe that true customer loyalty, satisfaction, and eventually ambassadorship is decided after the sale.

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