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We believe in creating
that put
the customer first

We are 3back

An international team of likeminded professionals from computer science and physics to business and UX-design, who believe that truly great companies should deliver truly great experiences.

We believe in

Everything we do, we believe in putting the people that buy a company’s products or services first. We believe that focusing on the customers and their experiences is one of the main differentiators for companies in todays competitive landscape.

We believe in
the power of ‚AI‘

We believe that technology serves as a means to an end to put people first. We combine AI with UX to create solutions that are user-friendly, easy-to-use and deliver a consistently great experience at all times.

We believe in

We believe that customer experience that treats the sale as the endpoint is an unclosed circle: all the brand equity, sentiment, and trust you nurtured to encourage the sale, are liable to leak out through this gap. We believe that true customer loyalty, satisfaction, and eventually ambassadorship is decided post-purchase.